95 Tweets: Celebrating Martin Luther in the 21st Century

What If Martin Luther Lived Today, and Instead of Nailing His 95 Gripes Against the Church to a Door, He Tweeted Them?

95 Tweets: Celebrating Martin Luther in the 21st Century, by Peter DeHaanFive centuries ago, Martin Luther revolutionized Christianity with the 95 theses he nailed to the door of the Wittenberg church.

Do We Need to Do It Again?

In 95 Tweets, PhD Peter DeHaan explodes the question by explaining what Luther’s theses meant 500 years ago, and how they directly apply to us today. You’ll discover:

  • The counter cultural mind-set behind Luther’s thinking
  • Why the kind of reform Luther instigated needs to be on-going
  • How understanding Luther’s ideas might cause you to re-evaluate your spiritual practices

PLUS, You’ll Get …

  • Each of Luther’s 95 theses rewritten into 95 tweets (with #hashtags) that you can share
  • 95 present-day tweets the modern church needs to hear
  • 95 tweetable discussion questions to spur conversation; perfect for small groups who want to go deeper.

Celebrate the anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, when Martin Luther nailed his list of ninety-five concerns to the door of All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg on October 31, 1517.

Most Protestants have heard of Martin Luther, but they know little more.

Discover what Luther said in his history-changing document that people talk about but have never read. It’s time to start a new reformation.

Get your copy of 95 Tweets today!

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