A Faith Manifesto

A Faith ManifestoA Faith Manifesto: A Christian Perspective on Unity and Acceptance

A (n): among other things, the first in a series.

Faith (n): confident belief in the truth, value, or trustworthiness of a person; allegiance; secure belief in God.

Manifesto (n): a public declaration of principles.

A Faith Manifesto is Peter DeHaan’s essential belief statement of what it means to follow Jesus, the Christ, as revealed in the Bible. Weighing in at a mere 2,800 words, A Faith Manifesto is a quick read that’s packed with elegant simplicity, yet offers much to contemplate.

Proclaiming the Bible as his foundation for belief, Peter simply asks, “What did Jesus say?” He then compiles Jesus’ own words from the biblical account, as the evidence mounts to produce a fresh perspective. The result is wiping away centuries of assumptions that don’t really align with Jesus’ own teaching.

And that’s just part one. There are two more parts – even more daring and outrageous than the first – as Peter urges readers to “follow the God who is revealed in the Bible.”

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