Past Writing

Peter DeHaan: Past Writing

Author Peter DeHaan enjoying natureThe main focus of Peter DeHaan’s past writing has been in the areas of business articles, academic research, and blogging.

Additionally, he has written book reviews and movie reviews, as well as devotionals.

In his teens and early twenties, Peter began his writing through journaling and poetry, which were briefly followed by short stories. None of his journals survived but a few of his poems and short stories have. It was after this when he transitioned to business writing, in parallel with his vocation. He went on to research and write a Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis, and PhD dissertation, all relating to the call center industry. (A future project is updating and publishing these works for the benefit of the industry.) Along the way he has written hundreds of articles.

A few years ago Peter completed his second PhD dissertation, however, this one is not in the area of business, but instead on spirituality, an area of increased interest in recent years. This second dissertation addresses Christian unity. (This work is currently being prepared for publication.)

Peter began blogging in 2008 at “The Musings of Peter DeHaan“. Today, his main blog “Pursuing Biblical God” focuses on biblical spirituality. His other active blogs are “Byline” and “The Book Blog“.

He is currently working on several non-fiction and memoir books about God, the Bible, and church. Learn about Peter DeHaan’s current writing projects.