52 Churches: Wrap-up and Reboot

Between last Easter and this Easter, my wife and I visited fifty-two churches. Today marks the end of that adventure but also the beginning of a new one.

Wrap-up: Our journey is over. I’m sad and excited at the same time. Our spiritual sojourn of fifty-two churches has ended; reunion with our community looms large. We rejoin them for Holy Week, first for Good Friday and then for the Easter celebration.

On purpose, I leave my journal at home. There will be no more note taking. Documenting my observations isn’t the point: experience is, community is, family is, and especially God.

We sing in jubilant celebration, enjoying community before and after each event. Hugs abound as I reconnect with friends.

Both services surpass my expectations, as I enjoy an amazing reunion, encounter a grand celebration, and experience a fitting conclusion to our yearlong pilgrimage.

We learned much on our journey and expanded our understanding of worshiping God, but it’s good to be back, home where we belong.

Reboot: Though our trek is complete, writing about it isn’t. Beginning next Monday, I will repost our journey, one church per week, adding new information and providing updates.

For those who followed us on our journey, this will be a great recap. While for those who joined us midway through, this will be a chance to follow along from start to finish.

The Book: As I update and repost, I will also finalize the book that chronicles this awesome adventure. Currently standing at 70,000 words, my posts are only a fraction of what’s in the book. In a couple of months, I’ll be ready to seek an agent and publisher.

As they say, stay tuned for more information.

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