With our journey of visiting fifty-two churches over, I can reflect more on the complete experience. Today, I’ll add to my thoughts about Church #8.

My memories of this church are positive, and I want to revisit them. I even recommended it to someone who was looking for a church. However, her experience was disappointing. Not a single person talked to her the entire time she was there: not before, not during, and not after. She entered the building not knowing anyone, and she left not knowing anyone.

Then I realized the reality of our visit. Aside from a brief conversation with a greeter when we arrived and an extended time talking with a couple who approached us just as we were leaving, they ignored us. The rest of the time, few people even made eye contact and those who did, quickly looked away. We were all alone in a room full of people.

What turned an isolated experience into a memorable one was one couple who reached out to us as we headed to the door, after we’d given up on any meaningful conversation. One couple made the difference between a happy, I-want-to-return memory and a lonely, never-going-back-again pain.

One person can make a difference – and it doesn’t take much effort at all.

[See my reflections about Church #7 and Church #9 or start with Church #1.]

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