52 Churches: The Journey Begins

Next week, I will start a new thread in this blog called “52 Churches.” It will be a Monday morning post, reflecting on my church experience from the prior day. Each week it will be of a different church within the family of Christian creeds — and the project is planned to last for one year, hence the title, “52 Churches.”

My bride will be my willing partner in this experience. And, no, we are not church shopping, looking for that perfect community to join. Instead, we are looking to broaden our understanding of ways to experience God through a vast array of different faith communities.

While on our tour, I anticipate that we will make new acquaintances and reconnect with old ones. I expect that we will be stretched and occasionally feel uncomfortable. I suspect that we will squirm at times and applaud at others (be it literally or figuratively), that we will alternately be excited and bored, encouraged and discouraged, inspired and disheartened.

But through it all, I am confident that our comprehension and appreciation for God will grow, as it will for the diverse group of people we will meet along the way.

This promises to be great adventure and I hope that you will follow along with us.

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