Peter DeHaan Articles

Peter DeHaan’s Writing Covers Spirituality and More

Author Peter DeHaan enjoying naturePeter DeHaan has written hundreds of articles for several print publications. While over one hundred of them have been forever lost, many are still around. In addition to his blogs, books reviews, and movie reviews, here is information and links to some of his writing:

Spirituality: Though much of Peter’s recent writing has been books, he has managed to squeeze in some shorter pieces, too. His award-winning work has appeared in Halo magazine, New Identity Magazine, and Secret Place, among many others.

Newsletter: Peter sends out his monthly newsletter, “Spiritually Speaking.” Past columns are posted online. (Sign-up to receive the next issue.)

Business Articles: Many of Peter’s business articles have been posted on line at Article Weekly.

Trade Articles: Peter has regular columns, “From the Publisher,” in Connections Magazine and, “Vital Signs,” in AnswerStat. He also writes for Medical Call Center News and TAS Trader.

The Beginning: Peter published his first articles in 1983. You can view PDF files of the articles: “All About Pagers” and “Computers Track Down Intermodulation Interference.”