Deborah: A Reluctant Hero

Deborah: A Reluctant Hero

Judge Deborah was a reluctant hero.

Deborah, also a prophetess, received instructions from God to relay to Barak. His mission was to lead a battle against their oppressors. When she shared this with Barak, he balked (as did Moses, Jonah, Gideon, and many others when God called them to a task).

Barak didn’t want to go alone and insisted Deborah go with him. Deborah agreed, but predicted that if she did, a woman would receive credit for the victory and not Barak.

Apparently emboldened by her presence, Barak then did as instructed and led the army to victory. There’s no mention of Deborah actually doing anything to ensure victory, except merely going with Barak. Yet, she receives more accolades than Barak

I’m not sure if Barak lacked confidence in himself or in God, but either way, he wavered and didn’t obey God without question. Still, God accomplished his purpose, albeit through Deborah.

It is always easier to serve God with a friend, but sometimes what God asks for is a solo effort.

[Read through the Bible with us this year. Today’s reading is Judges 4-6, and today’s post is on Judges 4:8-9.]

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