The Reluctant Prophet: A Novel

By Nancy Rue (reviewed by Peter DeHaan)
Book Review: The Reluctant Prophet
In the novel The Reluctant Prophet, by Nancy Rue, forty-something Alison is still trying to figure out what she wants to do when she grows up. Though she has been a faithful church attendee for seven years, her faith is still nominal.

Then in the midst of a church service, she is startled to have God speak to her. “Alison,” he nudges, “Go out and buy a Harley.” She is to go wherever it will take her. Never mind that she has never driven a motorcycle nor has the funds to buy one. Even so, she eventually finds herself acquiescing to God’s incessant nudging and obeys his instruction.

Her inward-looking church “friends” don’t get it – and even try to stage an intervention for her. Her narcissistic neighbors are no less understanding. But she has made some new friends in the biker community; they become like family, always ready to help.

Alison’s motorcycle does take her to some unusual places, often dangerous and ill-advised. Yet God has a call on her life and she is increasingly drawn to follow it – no matter what the cost.

[The Reluctant Prophet: A Novel, by Nancy Rue. Published by David C. Cook, 2010, ISBN# 978-1434764966, 496 pages, $14.99]

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