Woodpecker Wars: Celebrating the Spirituality of Everyday Life

Are you a spiritual person?

What parts of your life are spiritual?

Sorry. That was a trick question. All parts of our lives are spiritual. Seriously. It’s just that most people don’t realize it.

Most people think of church as a spiritual activity and everything else is not, as in secular. They live their life with a spiritual/secular divide. They compartmentalize their spiritual activity, shoving it aside so it doesn’t interfere with the rest of their life.

It’s time we (re)discover the spirituality of everyday life. It’s time we celebrate the spirituality of living.

  • Our family and our holidays are spiritual.
  • Our work and our passions are spiritual. (I hope your work is your passion.)
  • Our money is spiritual and so is our health.
  • Our existence in God’s creation is spiritual.
  • Yes, every aspect of our life is spiritual.

Let’s explore the spirituality of everyday life. Let’s embrace the spirituality of living. Read Woodpecker Wars to discover more. It’s playful yet profound, quirky yet insightful.

Woodpecker Wars is on track for an October 2019 release.

(No woodpeckers were harmed in the writing of this book.)

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