Dear Theophilus, Acts: 40 Devotional Insights for Today’s Church

Does your church function like the early church in Acts?

Doubt it.

Yes, you may see snippets of similarities, but if you look closely, you’ll find huge gaps of misalignment.

Don’t believe me?

  • Consider the early church’s astronomical growth. Does your church experience that?
  • When was the last time someone at your church died for their faith?
  • Does your church experience Holy Spirit baptism and speaking in tongues? Most don’t.

We’re just getting started:

  • What about sharing all your resources with other believers?
  • How about supernatural healing, signs and wonders, and exorcisms?
  • Do you take offerings for other believers and not yourself?

Wait, there’s more:

  • Do you meet daily in people’s homes and public spaces?
  • Is community and getting along more important than about everything else?
  • Do you minister to one another, serve as priests, and focus on telling others about Jesus?

It’s time to realign your thinking. Dear Theophilus, Acts will ease you into it. It gives forty devotional insights from the book of Acts for today’s church—and for you.

Read Dear Theophilus, Acts and allow God’s Holy Spirit to readjust your perspective about today’s church.

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