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Free E-Book

What Does It Take to Be Welcome in Jesus’s Tent?

The Bible gives the answer. But most people miss it. By a mile. And too many ministers spout made-up solutions that promote a narrow theology and cause believers to fight their fellow Christians.

In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Peter DeHaan shows us the exact requirements we need to be welcomed in with arms wide open. It’s quite easy. In fact it’s so easy, many people can’t accept it. Because the tent is far bigger than we’ve imagined.

How Big Is Your Tent, by Peter DeHaan

How Big Is Your Tent? Explores:

  • Why it’s impossible for true Christianity to have an exclusive tent
  • Where the Jewish people fit into God’s plan of salvation
  • How we should look at other faiths that consider the Bible a part of their heritage
  • What about the world’s major religions? Is there any room in the tent for them?

How Big is Your Tent? will challenge the way you think about Christian unity. Redefine your definition of tolerance. Show you what love in action looks like. And it just might help you see how big your tent can grow.

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