More Than 52 Churches

Wasn’t visiting 52 churches in a year enough?

No way. Not even close.

Let the journey of discovery continue in this poignant sequel to 52 Churches. This time we take a wider swath as we visit more of Jesus’s churches. More variety. More cringe-worthy moments. And more of God at work.

Yes, you’ll get all this in More Than 52 Churches.

More education, more entertainment, and more insight.

Only you won’t have to endure the gut-churning apprehension of walking into a different church each Sunday. Yuck! Instead experience the journey vicariously week by week, church by church.

Join Peter and his wife as they bravely—some might say naïvely—seek what God teaches as they engage with more local branches of Jesus’s church.

More Than 52 Churches is ideal for anyone who leaves church on Sunday (or left for good) wondering what went wrong.

More Than 52 Churches is an essential guide for church leaders, an insightful journey for church members, and a hopeful encouragement for church visitors.

If 52 Churches left you wanting more stories, More Than 52 Churches is sure to deliver.

More Than 52 Churches is on schedule for an early 2020 release. (Sign up below to receive updates)

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