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Chronological Bible Reading Guide Now Available

Form a Habit of Daily Bible Reading to Guide You through the Year

Each year I have the goal to read through the Bible. And each year I invite you to read along with me. To help with this, my annual Chronological Bible Reading Guide is now available.

Chronological Bible Reading Guide

Each year I get requests for a chronological plan. And each year I try to make one, but I give up. It’s a complicated task.

The problem is a comprehensive chronological reading of the Bible requires a lot of details that won’t fit on a two-page sheet. Because of overlapping passages from different books, some days you would find yourself reading from multiple sections of different passages.

Along with being a lot of information to present, that’s too much page flipping and the potential for confusion. For a truly chronological reading of the Bible, get one of the many one-year chronological Bibles. These provide the best and easiest approach.

It is possible, however, to make an approximate chronological reading guide by putting the books of the Bible in order. This plan is my inaugural attempt to do so. I’ll use it for my annual Bible reading guide.

I encourage you to do so as well. It only takes 12 to 15 minutes a day. And each Tuesday throughout the year, I’ll blog about a passage from that day’s reading.

Download your own chronological Bible reading guide.

Other Reading Options

If reading the entire Bible in a year seems too daunting, scale back to a more manageable goal. I have a series of other Bible reading plans to guide you. Pick the one that works for you:

Form a habit to read the Bible. Download your preferred Bible reading plan today and be ready to start reading on January 1.

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