My perspective on Halloween has changed over the years.Painted pumpkin

As a kid I relished the opportunity to score some candy, a rare and treasured treat.

As a teen I was too old to go trick-or-treating, but there was usually a party or friends to hang out with.

As newly married and in our first home there was the excitement of being on the giving end for the first time.

As parents of young kids, their excitement became our excitement: costumes, the trek around the neighborhood, fawning neighbors, memorable photos, sorting through their haul, and then attempting to teach restrained candy consumption.

As parents of teens, they celebrated with friends, while mom and dad stayed home to dole out the goodies.

As empty nesters, I’ve become the trick-or-treat curmudgeon, seeking any excuse to be gone or at least unavailable that night.

Still to come is the grandkid phase and the opportunity to overindulge. Pile high the candy and then give them back to mom and dad just before the sugar hits.

Halloween carries with it past memories and future anticipations, but for this year, please skip my house.

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