Why I’m Willing to Wait for Dessert

Craving dessert is a habit my wife, “The Queen of Desserts,” cultivated in me. She claims, however, my affection for sweets was well ingrained before we met.

When eating at home, I pace myself through the meal in expectation of a tasty treat at the end. At restaurants, their oversize proportions and my training to clean up my plate leaves no room for my preferred conclusion to a meal. So I decline the dessert menu.

DessertI’ve often joked that someday I’ll order dessert first. After all, if the world were to end halfway through my meal, I wouldn’t want to die with a stomach full of salad but empty of dessert.

But events require a proper order. You can’t receive a prize before you win the race. You can’t win the race before you run. And you can’t run before you start. Plus, if you’re wise, you won’t start before you practice.

This applies to most things in life. We want easy, but satisfaction takes time.

A common malady among aspiring writers is they want to have written but don’t want to write.

A frequent trap with spiritual seekers is they want the results without the journey.

We often desire reward but want to skip the requisite work.

While I like dessert, I know a diet of only sweets is unhealthy, unwise, and unsustainable. So I’m willing to eat my vegetables first.

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