Last week I happened upon a friend working on a Word document using Office 2007.

Knowing that Office 2007 is likely in my near future, I asked if she liked it.

“I hate it,” was her unequivocal reply.  “And don’t even ask me what I think about Vista,” she added without hesitation.

That was a bit short of the ringing endorsement I had hoped to hear.  Granted, her Vista comment didn’t surprise me, but her sharp dislike of Office 2007 did.  I’ve been using Office for years — and Microsoft Word and Excel before that.  For me Office is an essentially critical element in my office productivity and efficacy.  Even a slight drop in the effectiveness of the program Office would have huge ramifications in the effectiveness my work office.

This puts me in an even greater quandary about what to do for my next computer — which could happen soon.  I’m already thinking I will opt for Windows XP for my operating system.  Will I need to stay with Office 2003, too?

As far as Vista is concerned, its future is not promising.  According to a study by Evans Data Corporation a few weeks ago, most software developers are ignoring Vista — a whopping 92%.

Do I need to figure out Linux?  Or do I need to switch back to an Apple Mac?  Do I need to wait for Vista’s replacement — which should be released before support of XP expires?  It’s a lot to contemplate merely because I want a faster computer.

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