Do You Appreciate Nature?

In the pre-dawn haze, I perched at the edge of a meadow. From a distance I watched three whitetail deer arise from their slumber, moving with deliberate slowness as though waiting for their circulation to return and their muscles to wake up.

I don’t know if they saw me, smelled me, or heard me, but at once all three looked in my direction, freezing in time and place. For an eternity of seconds, we stared at each other.

They were wary, but not afraid; they were cautious, but not fearful. They did not know to fear man and this man was in complete awe of them.

Sensing it was again safe to proceed, they sauntered towards the woods. The fawn was not keeping up and once he realized this, it took only a couple of graceful leaps to restore contact with his parents. As a group they continued meandering towards the border between field and forest.

At the fence separating meadow and woods it took one mighty bound, seemingly effortless but extraordinary in power, for the first to clear it. Then the second and finally the third; they were gone.

I thanked God for letting me witness the wonder of his creation and to be in awe of him for his created things.

And then I sensed something extraordinary: God appreciates his creation even more than I.

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