Are You a Minister?

Are You a Minister?

“Are you a minister?”

The first time someone asked me that question, I was shocked, appalled even. I shook my head and laughed, “Heck, no.”

This confused my inquirer. “Humph, I thought you were.”

Later someone else asked me the same thing, then another, and eventually a fourth. Now I’m no longer disturbed when someone wonders aloud if I’m a minister. Even so, the query still perplexes me.

I’ve pondered this with trusted friends; they’re not surprised. They offer possible explanations, which I don’t fully agree with:

  • You have a godly confidence.
  • You’re a man of peace.
  • When you pray, they feel God’s presence.
  • You’re kind and compassionate.
  • You possess a calm assurance about spiritual matters.

My friends think too highly of me.

What I do hope, though, is that when people see me, they see a bit of Jesus.

I’m not a minister, at least not in the traditional gone-to-seminary, lead-a-church, preach-a-sermon manner. I’m simply a follower of Jesus, the Christ.

May my actions always point people to Jesus.

Nothing would please me more.

What about you, are you a “minister?”

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