I’m an avid reader. I love books: to buy them, receive them, read them, and collect them. My common birthday and Christmas gift requests are for books. I have four bookcases of them, full and overflowing, with another 100 stacked on the floor.

another bookshelfMy overstuffed library is a dilemma. I need another bookshelf.

This reminds me of Jesus’ parable of the farmer who had run out of room to store his crops. His solution was to build more barns. He intended to cease working, live off his stockpile, and enjoy a life of leisure. His plans did not work out—he died that night.

This is a lesson against focusing on the wrong things, in this case greed instead of God.

Although my book-loving perspective is not on this same level of misplaced priorities, I do need to make sure my love for God is not superseded by the books he inspires.This is a lesson against focusing on the wrong things, greed instead of God. Click To Tweet

I don’t really need another bookshelf. Perhaps it’s time to give some books away, so others can enjoy them too.

[Luke 12:13-21]

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