Let’s Get Together: Celebrating Community

Let’s Get Together: Celebrating Community

Celebrating community is about spending intentional time with other faith seekers and fellow spiritual pilgrims

Instead of celebrating community, in the individualistic society in which we live, most who pursue spiritual things do so in an individualistic manner—by themselves.

This is not good, and it is not wise.

Living the spiritual life is best accomplished in conjunction with others. The benefit of a collective perspective helps to protect us from making errors in judgment and reaching unwise conclusions. Although a group consensus is not a guarantee of a sound comprehension of God, its combined input is a tremendous tool in discovering truth.

As you set to convene a cadre of spiritual seekers, avoid a leader-centric group, and instead seek an egalitarian gathering. Unfortunately, we seldom accomplish this in a traditional church setting, which is one reason why some have given up on that practice.

Your spiritual gathering doesn’t need to meet in a church building or assemble on a Sunday morning. It can happen any day or time and can occur at someone’s home, at a coffee shop, or even a bar. God wants community with us, and he created us for community with others. Click To Tweet

The pursuit of a spiritual life is a journey, one that is best suited and more fully enjoyed in the company of others. Attempting to travel this road on your own can result in getting lost or heading in the wrong direction.

Instead, the solution is community. Jesus lived in community. The Holy Trinity lives in community. God wants to be in community with us, and he created us to desire community with each other. And that’s why it’s important to never stop celebrating community.

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