When I pray, it’s not just about making requests. It is also about giving God my words—and my heart.Do You Love God?

Sometimes this means that I tell God I love him. Yes, it is true; I do love God. Although simply saying, “I love you” is a great place to start, God deserves more than that. I let him know how much I love him and affirm that I would be lost without him.

Yet, as I contemplate my love for God, I eventually reach a point of consternation, for I realize—if I am to be completely honest—that my love for God seems to be conditional. That is, I might just love him only because of what he has done for me and is doing for me, a love that is a “because of” kind of love, not an “in spite of” kind of love.

I am left with the soul-piercing question, if God did absolutely nothing for me would I still love him?

While that query gives my pause, I need not pause too long, for I know that regardless of how deep or fickle, absolute or conditional my love for God, he will not reciprocate in kind.

God’s love for us is unconditional. There is nothing we can to that will cause him love us any more—and nothing we can do that will cause him to love us any less.

Thank you, God. I love you!

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