The Connections Between Faith and Writing

Last weekend I attended the Festival of Faith and Writing conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Although the words “faith” and “writing” both appear in the conference name, I expected the benefits of attending to be primarily writing related.

While my expectations to learn more about the art and craft of writing were realized, there was also a spiritual aspect, which came as a pleasant surprise, even though only the concluding chapel service was specifically faith focused.

I’m still trying to determine why the conference was a significant spiritual experience for me. Being surrounded by two thousand other like-minded writers was surely a contributing factor. And it being held at Calvin College, a Christian liberal arts school, certainly didn’t hurt. Or perhaps it was an answer to the prayer that my buddy Jerry and I uttered on our drive there.

What I do know is something doesn’t need to be overtly spiritual for there to be spiritual value — and the Festival of Faith and Writing proved that to be true.

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