Last weekend I attended the Festival of Faith and Writing conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Although the words “faith” and “writing” both appear in the conference name, I expected the benefits of attending to be primarily writing related.

Faith and WritingWhile my expectations to learn more about the art and craft of writing were realized, there was also a spiritual aspect, which came as a pleasant surprise, even though only the concluding chapel service was specifically faith focused.

I’m still trying to determine why the conference was a significant spiritual experience for me. Being surrounded by two thousand other like-minded writers was surely a contributing factor. And it being held at Calvin College, a Christian liberal arts school, certainly didn’t hurt. Or perhaps it was an answer to the prayer that my buddy Jerry and I uttered on our drive there.

What I do know is something doesn’t need to be overtly spiritual for there to be spiritual value—and the Festival of Faith and Writing proved that to be true.It doesn't need to be overtly spiritual for there to be spiritual value. Click To Tweet

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