God Loves Us!

Sometimes when praying or meditating I’m profoundly struck with the powerful realization of just how much God loves me, that he really, really loves me.

I shake my head in amazement and wonder why. I do not deserve God’s love; I have not earned his affection. I have done nothing noteworthy to garner such attention. But it’s there nonetheless.

In my mind I know that God’s love for me is unconditional; that I don’t deserve it and that I can’t earn it. Intellectually I am aware that there’s nothing I can do to cause him to love me any more nor is there anything I can do to cause him to love me any less. This reality overwhelms me.

But in my heart, I waver; my soul doubts — just a bit — that this could really be true. Why, God?

Why do you love me with such overflowing, non-ending, unwarranted capacity? Don’t I need to do good first? Don’t I need to behave in a certain way to get your attention? Don’t you have a list of prerequisites for me to achieve?

Thankfully not; earning God’s love is not up to me; it’s all on him.

God loves me; God loves you; God loves us all — unconditionally.

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