God Never Calls In Sick

God Never Calls In Sick

For the first time in several years, I have a cold. I’m too wired to sleep but too drowsy to do much else; I alternate between too hot and too cold. I don’t deal with illness well, just ask my wife.

My cold has thrown me off my routine, detracting from the daily rhythms I have with God. Although I know he’s as close as always, I don’t sense his presence; praying is a challenge. What a wimp I am for letting a minor physical ailment affect my spiritual well-being. Though I may take a sick day or two, God never does.

Unlike me, some people grapple with life-threatening health issues, yet they stay on track spiritually. I’ve also known people who struggled with the death of a loved one, a failed business, a wayward child, a significant financial setback, or long-term unemployment. Like Job, in the Bible, their faith remains strong and may even grow. Some will later say they’re thankful for their ordeal because it brought them closer to God.

However, others encounter these same life trials and are quick to blame God. They turn their back on him and abandon their faith. Their reaction is their undoing. God is still there for them, but they’re not willing to let him.

When life’s major issues assail me, I hope I’ll remain strong and respond like the first group of people, but the way I react to a cold, makes me wonder. Fortunately for me, God never calls in sick, even when I do.

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  • Roxanne Fawley Posted February 23, 2014 1:43 pm

    When you need the grace, God will give it to you, just as He has those in the first group.

    • Peter DeHaan Posted February 24, 2014 8:58 am

      Aah, so it’s not all up to me!

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