What’s Your Motivation for Holy Living?

What’s Your Motivation for Holy Living?

Lately God has been prodding me through his Word and his Spirit to pursue a more holy lifestyle. To me, holy living means right living, what God calls righteousness.

Sometimes I make progress towards fulfilling this call, but most times not so much. I’m okay with that; I’m on a journey and the important thing is to be making progress. What I am not okay with is my attitude.

To my chagrin, during my moments of better behavior I have increased expectations of God. I act as if he owes me something, that I deserve his provision and blessing, and that I’ve earned his attention.

However, when I fail in my pursuit of holy living—as is often the case—I have no such expectations. Whatever God does for me—which is a lot—I receive with great joy and much appreciation.

Pursuing a holy life should be because God asks us to and as a response to his love for us. Acting holy simply to get something from him is just wrong.

[Read more about holiness at ABAD and in the Bible.]


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