I Heart Jesus

I Heart Jesus

Saying Happy Valentine’s Day to God is a great way to spend this Sunday

When I read the New Testament I see a God of love. God sends Jesus to earth out of his love for us. Jesus dies for us because he loves us. In fact the only reason we even know what love is and how to love others is because Jesus shows us how to do it (1 John 4:19).

This post is my Valentine card to God. I love you God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. You are so amazing; you are so awesome.

The word love occurs hundreds of times in the Bible, disproportionally more so in the New Testament. Many of these occurrences reference God’s love to us. His love for me overwhelms me: flooding me with joy, giving me security, and providing contentment. Centered in God’s love is the best place to be.

Another common context for love in the Bible is loving others. In fact, Jesus gives us a “new command” to “love one another” and says it is an act of witness (John 13:34-35 (NIV). Later Paul writes to the church in Rome simply saying that when we love others, we effectively complete the Old Testament Law (Romans 13:8). Imagine that. One short word and one simple action fulfills the 613 confusing and complex commands found in the Law of Moses. Love makes the Law easy-peasy.The command to love others fulfills all the 613 complex commands in the Law of Moses. Click To Tweet

Saying Happy Valentine’s Day to God is a great way to spend this Sunday, but not just this Sunday—every Sunday. Better yet we can love every day. And we don’t just love God. He is easy to love, but we also should love other people, too, even the ones who aren’t so lovable.

As we love God we are better prepared to love others in his name. And if we all did this, the world would surely take notice.

Happy Valentine’s Day, God. I love you.

How does God’s immense love affect you? How can you show his love to others?


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