Jesus Offers a Prayer for Unity

The last thing that Jesus did as a free man was to pray. The last thing in prayed for was that his future followers would get along. This strongly suggests that unity was important to Jesus.

While unity among his followers was largely realized in the first century that has not been the case in the two millennia that followed. The record shows that Jesus’ followers have been increasingly polarized, divided, and strife-filled.

Although we will never all get along without God’s help, we can be aided by taking to heart the sage advice:

“In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; it all things, charity”

How Big Is Your Tent?Furthermore, the list of essentials should be short. Very short. As short as possible. My list has but one item: to pursue the God who is revealed in the Bible.

That is it, nothing more. Everything else is a non-essential and for that I advocate tolerance along with a generous portion of brotherly love.

It’s a great first step towards getting along.

[The quote is often attributed to Augustine, but there is no support for that assertion. It most likely originated several centuries later, from Peter Meiderlin, a 17th century Lutheran priest.]

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6 thoughts on “Jesus Offers a Prayer for Unity”

  1. tolerance with brotherly love? I don’t understand how I can be in tune with God’s thoughts-and also to be tolerant with actions of those around me. Example-like the Gay Pride–God’s word is strongly against –but I am to be tolerant? I don’t want to judge–but neither do I want to condone ungodly behavior–please help me with this–

    1. Cathy, you raise a good question.

      In looking at the example of Jesus, I see him loving others and not judging them or their actions.

      For example, when asked what to do with the woman caught in the act of adultery, Jesus forgave her instead of condemning her. The Law said to kill her, but Jesus let her go.

      May we be able to do the same.

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