I recently happened upon an interesting understanding of time, of the past, present, and future. It identifies three major eras of the God who is revealed in the Bible.

From the perspective of medieval Christendom — as exemplified by Joachim of Fiore — history is prophetically divided into three eras, each lasting two thousand years.

  • There is the past age of the Father, with a primary emphasis of God the Father (circa 2000 to 0 BCE).
  • There is the present age of the Son, with a primary focus on Jesus, the Son of God (circa 0 to 2000 CE).
  • And there will be a future third age of the Spirit, with the primary attention given to the movement and influence of the Holy Spirit, (circa 2000 to 4000 CE).

Although medieval man saw the age of the spirit as the distant future, today’s followers of God are able to experience it as the nascent present.

A significant change is occurring in the workings of God — and we have a front row seat.

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