In the United States, the presidential race is well underway, with the election not until next November, almost a year away. Most people who follow such things — and frankly, it is hard to ignore — have polarized positions about who should be our next president, rather it is to re-elect the incumbent or to elect anyone but the incumbent.

However, it’s not important how many people will vote for our president and how many will not. What is really important is how many people are praying for our president.

Yes, we need to pray for our president — and all our elected officials. But don’t pray that they will decide in favor of the issues that you support, instead pray that they will act justly, behave honorably, and promote godliness. Pray that God will bless them, guide their decisions, and protect them and their families. Pray that God’s will may be accomplished, but don’t presume to know what it is.

Praying for our president may be easier when we agree with him, but it may be more important when we don’t.

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