What is The Acts 15 Experience?

What is The Acts 15 Experience?

While at a meeting recently, someone mentioned “the Acts 15 experience.” Everyone else seemed to comprehend the reference, so I chose to not interrupt by asking for an explanation.

Since then I’ve read Acts 15 and searched online for answers. (Google provided only a handful of matches, which weren’t helpful.)

As I contemplate this, I’ve come up with some working ideas of what the Acts 15 experience might be:

1) To encouragement to seek consensus

2) An embrace of people from different ethnic groups and cultures

3) A warning to not place requirements on people that God didn’t intend

I wonder if all three might be correct understandings of what this phrase means. But if so, what is the composite message? What is a concise summary?

How about: to agree (consensus) to accept everyone (embrace all people) without loading them down with manmade expectations (requirements God didn’t intend).

Could this simply be a narrative in church unity? If so, we have a lot of work to do if we are to achieve its potential.

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