Should We Tithe or Not?

Should We Tithe or Not?

Some people who follow Jesus give his church 10% of their income. The Bible calls this a tithe and it was a requirement from the Old Testament portion of the Bible.

Other people say 10% is more a guideline than a rule. I don’t see much support for this perspective—other than the fact they don’t think they can afford to give away a tenth of their income.

A third group points out that Jesus never asked for 10% and whenever the New Testament part of the Bible mentions the practice, it’s always in reference to the Old Testament. They conclude the requirement to tithe no longer holds.

Personally, I see truth in all three. Giving 10% is historical, it is a guideline, and it may not hold true any longer.

When many people talk about tithing, the implication is 10% is God’s and 90% is theirs.

I think Jesus wants us to view 100% as belonging to him. Be it directly donated or indirectly spent, we need to disperse it wisely to care for our basic needs and help others.

We are blessed to be a blessing to others, so we should spend carefully and give generously, not just tithe 10%.

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