There are two approaches to take when reading the Bible: quantity and quality.

Quantity: In the past I’ve read the entire Bible through in a year, many times.

Other times I’ve opted to read the Old Testament in a year and many more times, the New Testament in a year.

The pace is a bit different for each, but the goal is to methodically read vast amounts of the Bible in the course of one year.

Lately I’ve been on a chapter a day plan.

Quality: Sometimes when reading the Bible, I will tarry with a verse or passage, not moving on until I’ve received insight.

Other times, I’ll read the same section for several days in a row, seeking deeper understanding.

Which is Best? The short answer is both.

There’s merit in the quantity approach, for it gives us the big picture. And there’s merit for the quality approach, for it reveals depth and meaning.

How do you read the Bible: quantity, quality, haphazardly, not at all?

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