What Does Christian Mean?

I don’t like the label “Christian,” even though I am one.

“Christian” is a loaded term. It means many things to different people.What Does Christian Mean?

To some, “Christian” implies narrow-minded.

To others, “Christian” means hateful.

Still others think “Christian” refers to a political party or secular movement.

And what about mean, militant, murdering, manipulative, and money mongering?

Do you see why I don’t like the “Christian” label?

And let’s not forget the inquisition, the crusades, slavery, segregation, and fighting abortion (I’m referring to blowing up clinics and killing doctors, in case you’ve forgotten).

How Big Is Your Tent?But most Christians aren’t like that, you plead.

You’re right. We’re not, but I still don’t like the label.

I prefer “Jesus follower” instead.

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