What is Worship?

When I drive by a church there is usually a sign telling when they meet. Often this information is preceded by the word “worship.”

While I fully understand what they mean, I am more than a bit troubled by the gross misuse of that word.

Stating that “worship” is at 10 AM on Sunday, sends the strong message that the other 167 hours of the week are times for non-worship. This idea of segregating the spiritual from the secular is an anathema to what God desires and intended. If we truly love him, then we are to worship 24/7. There should never be a time when we don’t worship him.

That, then, begs the question, “What is worship?”

Despite the preceding implication that worship is synonymous with the Sunday service, for many people worship is no more than a time of singing songs about God (or perhaps watching other people sing songs about God).

Sometimes I hear a minister say, “Let’s worship God by giving our tithes and offerings.” While I firmly see generosity as a form of worship, I am turned off by the fact that the only time I hear the word worship is when someone is asking for money.

The Bible says we are to “worship” God “in spirit and in truth.” I love it! I think that means we are to worship God in all things, in all ways, at all times. There is no spiritual time and non-spiritual time; it is all spiritual. If everything is spiritual, then everything should be worship.

Worshiping God in all we do may mean that there are some things we need to stop doing, places we need to stop going, and words we need to stop saying.

You may opt to attend a church service on Sunday morning at 10 o’clock, but true worship cannot be scheduled and never ends.

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