Adam was a vegetarian—really, he was.So were Eve and their kids, too. In fact, the next several generations likely avoided meat was well.They all likely had a vegetarian lifestyle.

How do I know this? After creation, God told Adam and Eve that they could eat any plant or fruit tree for food. Meat was definitely not mentioned as an option (Genesis 1:29).Adam Was a Vegetarian

However, less we conclude that we are supposed to be vegetarian, consider God’s follow-up instructions after the great flood.At that time, God gave all animals to Noah, stating that they would also be used for food (Genesis 9:2-3).

One might argue that God’s original plan was for a vegetarian lifestyle. That is an acceptable conclusion, but it needs to be kept in balance with the also acceptable perspective that meat was given to us to be enjoyed. Both are biblically defensible conclusions.

So, be we herbivore or carnivore, we need to get along with each other; that is even more in line with God’s desire for us.

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