God Pursues Us, But Do We Notice?

God Pursues Us, But Do We Notice?

When God calls people to him, some come and others run away

As the prophet Hosea wraps up his writings, he gives us some insight into the heart of God. He writes that the more God called his people, the more they ran away from him (Hosea 11:2).

Imagine God beckoning for us, longing for us to be in a relationship with him. With much expectation he calls our name. But instead of hearing his call and running into his arms, we turn our back on him and run in the opposite direction. It’s as if he offers us a high-five and we leave him there, hanging, poised to receive a response we will never offer.

How this must grieve him.

We’ve all had this happen to us. We extend ourselves to others: to family, neighbors, friends, and the church. But instead of receiving the response we hope for, the reaction we long for, we hear only silence or receive a sharp rebuff.When God calls us do we run into his arms or flee from him? Click To Tweet

Now multiply that by thousands, by millions, and by billions. That’s how many of humanity’s numbers snub God’s call and ignore his persistent love. It breaks my heart, and more surely must break his—a billion times over.

Yet God responds, not in anger, but in love. He still cares for his people; he still wants the best for them. Though he heals them, they do not realize it comes from him (Hosea 11:3). They do not attribute their good outcomes to his loving care for them.

When God calls us, may we answer. When he heals us, may we thank him.

How does God call us? How will we respond?

[Read through the Bible with us this year. Today’s reading is Hosea 8-11, and today’s post is on Hosea 11:2-3.]

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