Do You Hear the Voice of God?

Do You Hear the Voice of God?

Some people tell me they’ve never heard God speak to them. Of those, I suspect many actually do hear him and don’t realize it. For others, they need to train themselves to listen. And there may be a few with something blocking their ability to hear him.

Consider the Israelites in the Bible. They heard God speak and were so fearful they begged him to stop. Instead, they asked Moses to serve as an intermediary between them and God. And God did as they asked.

God ceased talking to the people and instead spoke only through selected leaders, priests, and prophets. I suspect the rest of the Old Testament would have unfolded quite differently had they not made this foolish request.

However, Jesus changed all that, allowing everyone who follows him to approach God directly and hear from him. This may be in audible words, a small whisper, or words, thoughts, and images he places in our minds.

If we aren’t hearing from God, maybe all we need to do is ask—and then listen.

[Exodus 20:19, Deuteronomy 18:16, Deuteronomy 5:23-27]

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