In Paul’s letter to Timothy he talks about a prophecy that he made regarding Timothy. (A prophecy is a God-inspired foretelling of the future.)Living in the Prophetic

Often we think of a prophecy as being about some grand, distantly future event—like the end of the world or major catastrophe—but that is not always the case.Allow God to do in us, or for us, what he said. Click To Tweet

A prophecy can also be given for a specific person that will occur in the near future. So it was when God gave prophetic words to Paul for Timothy.

What is interesting is that Paul says the prophecy is to inspire Timothy and aid him.

This seems to suggest that we shouldn’t just passively accept a prophetic word that may be given for us, but need to intentionally move in that direction. That doesn’t mean that by our own efforts we accomplish what was predicted, but merely that we expectantly allow God to do in us, or for us, what he said.

That, too, is living in the prophetic.

[1 Timothy 1:18]

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