Women in the Bible: Naaman’s Servant Girl

An unnamed Israelite girl is captured in a raid and forced to work as a slave in the household of the enemy commander, Naaman. Although Naaman is an accomplished military leader, he suffers from a limiting physical ailment: he has leprosy, a contagious skin disease that can cause a loss of feeling, decay, and even deformation.Naaman’s Servant Girl

Though she could have been bitter over her forced servitude, the young girl instead desires the best for her master. She tells him of the prophet Elisha who can heal Naaman of his terrible disease. Naaman proceeds at once and is healed—as soon as he humbles himself and follows Elisha’s instructions.

Naaman then affirms the power of God and pledges to worship only him.

Though she had every reason to remain quiet, the girl’s confidence in God’s power and her willingness to speak up, led to a man being healed and God being praised.

May we be willing to help others, regardless of the situation.

[2 Kings 5:1-19]

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