Nineveh, Part II

The prophetic book of Nahum is essentially a sequel to the book of Jonah.  Both focus on the people of Nineveh. Jonas proclaims doom and destruction on them; they have a change of heart (repent); and God relents.Nineveh, Part II

A century or so later, they have forgotten all about that. This time Nahum proclaims doom and destruction; this time there is no change of heart; and history records that they are soon destroyed.

What did they do? Nahum simply pronounces that they are guilty (Nahum 1:3) and later shares some details:

The city of Nineveh is given a second chance, but they miss it—and they pay a heavy price.

God is patient (Nahum 1:3), but not patient forever.  If he gives us a second change, we’d better take it.

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