The term “sacrifice of praise” is only found in one verse in the Bible. It’s a curious phrase. What does it mean?

Do You Offer God a Sacrifice of Praise?Whatever it may refer to, the first thing we see is we are to do it continually. We are to offer a constant sacrifice of praise to God. To do this, we must adopt a wider understanding of praise as more than just singing. It certainly includes the things we say, as well as the things we don’t say – praising God with words we use as well as the words we keep to ourselves. A sacrifice of praise could also encompass our attitude as we go about life, even our demeanor.A sacrifice of praise could include everything we give up for God as an act of praise. Click To Tweet

While sacrifice of praise could include everything we give up for God as an act of praise, I don’t think that concept ties in with this verse because we can’t continually offer sacrifices. We can indeed praise God through our sacrificial living and giving, but this isn’t what sacrifice of praise means.

Let’s look at the Old Testament for insight. There animal sacrifices are common – and commanded. Those sacrifices must be repeated because their covering is only temporary. When Jesus comes along to become our sacrifice it is permanent. It doesn’t need to be repeated. So in the New Testament the sacrifice of animals is obsolete and perhaps a sacrifice of praise replaces it.

May our sacrifice of praise be continually offered to God for his glory.

How do you praise God? Should you add anything to your practice?

[Hebrews 13:15]


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