Last week we discussed the faith of Abraham demonstrated through his willingness to act. This is understandable; we uphold Abraham as a great example of faith.

Yet after James talks about Abraham’s great faith in action, he immediately adds Rahab as another example. Rahab, you may recall, was a prostitute who risked her life to protect two Jewish spies – and she wasn’t even Jewish.

By one brave act, she showed her faith – her righteousness – and she was spared from death as a result.

Rahab gives me hope. She was a woman in a male dominated society, worked in a reviled profession, and didn’t have the right heritage. She was the quintessential outsider, yet that didn’t matter.

Our past and our circumstances don’t matter to God, but the things we do now, that’s what matters.

[James 2:25, Joshua 2:1-21, and Joshua 6:17]

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