The Implications of Omniscience

The entry “Omni God” mentioned that God is “omniscient.”  This means that he has total knowledge, knowing everything.

This is a huge and all-encompassing thought that God knows everything about everything everywhere.  It is grand and a bit overwhelming.

Embedded in this idea that God knows all things, is the reality that he also knows me — and he knows you.  He knows all  there is to know about us, including the things we keep to ourselves and even the things about us that we are unaware of.  He knows us individually, in every detail, totally and completely.

It is true that God’s omniscience is huge and all-encompassing, but it also means that he knows us fully and intimately.

God may know all, but he also knows me — and you!

[Also see “The Implications of Omnipresence” and The Implications of Omnipotence and for other similar considerations.]

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