Ten Reasons Why the Bible is Important

On an almost daily basis, I’ve spent my life reading and studying the Bible. However, I don’t see the Bible as a rulebook for righteous living or a manual for the faithful to follow, but as a spiritual narrative to illuminate my journey with God through life.

Here are ten reasons why the Bible is important:

  1. The Bible points us to God.
  2. The Bible keeps us anchored in ageless truth.
  3. The Bible is the foundation of our faith.
  4. The Bible connects us with our past and points us to our future.
  5. The Bible informs our practices, directs our actions, and guides our life.
  6. The Bible protects us from wrong teaching.
  7. The Bible is God’s written word to us, complementing God’s spoken word through the Holy Spirit.
  8. The Bible keeps us from trying to create God in our own image.
  9. The Bible protects us from turning faith into whatever we want it to be.
  10. Reading and studying the Bible is an act of worship.

Without question, the Bible is fundamental to my faith and indispensable for my life. Without the Bible by my side, I would waffle in spiritual uncertainty over every feel-good fad and be distracted by every passing religious whim.

The Bible keeps me grounded in God and shielded from mankind’s misguided detours. The Bible is more than important to me; it is essential.

2 thoughts on “Ten Reasons Why the Bible is Important”

  1. You got me at Ten Reasons! All of them are the truth, but my favorite is number seven,. “…complimenting God’s spoken word through the Holy Spirit.” If only those I love could also believe this precious reality.

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