The Broken Church: Reimagine Jesus’s Church from a New Testament Perspective

Does your church do things according to the Bible?

Don’t answer too fast. You might be wrong. You probably are.

Yes, most every church thinks their practices are biblical. Every church I’ve been part of or visited feels this way. Yet I submit they’re fooling themselves, that they’re wrong.

We’re doing it backwards. We start with our church practices and look for those words in the Bible. If we find them, it confirms we’re doing things by the book. Right? Not so fast.

What we should do is start with the Bible and use its commands, examples, and narrative to inform what we do at church.

If you don’t believe me, has there ever been something your church does but you can’t figure out why? Are there things you read in the Bible that you don’t see your church doing?

It’s time for a fresh perspective on church.

It’s time to read The Broken Church. If you’re brave enough to consider its words, you could end up reimagining Jesus’s church from a New Testament perspective.

This could change everything.

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