Current Projects

Peter DeHaan's work-in-progress (WIP), his current projectsPeter DeHaan’s Work In Progress (WIP)

Here are some of my current writing projects.

52 Churches: What might you learn if you went to a different church every Sunday for a year? Would you be encouraged or discouraged? Would you grow in your understanding of what it is to worship and love God? Would you love his people more or become disillusioned? To find out, you don’t have to actually go on this journey, but you can live vicariously through my experience. Follow along through the 52 Churches thread on my blog.

Status: Finished. Ready for publishing.

Women in the Bible: Women in the Bible examines biblical women, from the well-known to the obscure. It looks at what the Bible tells us about them and challenges readers to evaluate their lives through these women’s examples. Be inspired; be challenged; be changed. There are over one hundred biblical women who made a difference; you can, too.

Status: Finished. Ready for publishing.

God I Don't Want to Go to Church: Seven Churches that Pushed Me Away and the God Who Won't Let Go, by Peter DeHaanGod, I Don’t Want to Go to Church: This is a memoir-style chronicle about someone who generally doesn’t want to go to church, but always has—me! Along the way, you’ll meet Jerry Poet, Counselor Rob, Aunt Jenny, Grinning Tony, and many more in this sometimes humorous, sometimes somber reflection of church life and all that goes with it.

Status: I’m currently reworking this book.

A Faith ManifestoA Faith Manifesto: This short e-book is an essential belief statement of what it means to follow Jesus as revealed in the Bible. Get this e-book now in a free download. Plus a thought-provoking discussion guide is available.

Status: I’m looking to expand distribution.

The Convergent ChurchThe Convergent Church: Moving Towards The Unity For Which Jesus Prayed: My dissertation falls under the category of religion, but I prefer to call it spirituality.

Status: Looking for the best way to publish it for the academic world.

I’m also revising it to make a version that is less formal and more accessible for the rest of us.

Woodpecker Wars: Woodpecker Wars is the working title of my upcoming book, based on some of the posts from my first blog, The Musings of Peter DeHaan.

The site contains over 500 posts, totaling 130,000 words, enough for a couple of books.

Status: I’ve narrowed it down to 250 posts and 62,000 words. My target length is about 40,000 words. This is currently on hold, pending the above projects and a few more new ones.