Similarities Between Zechariah and Revelation

Similarities Between Zechariah and Revelation

The book of Zechariah contains prophecy given by God to the prophet Zechariah about future events. A few centuries later the apostle John also had a revelation from God in the form of a dream, which he recorded in the book of Revelation. Consider the similarities between the books of Zechariah and Revelation.

What is interesting is reoccurring images that are found in both:

  • Four horses: a black horse, a red horse, and a white horse. (The fourth horse is dapple in Zechariah and pale in Revelation).
  • Four winds
  • Seven eyes
  • Two olive trees
  • Gold lampstand

Several of these images are only found in these two prophecies, while the others are found predominately in these two prophecies.

There are also other parallels, though not as exclusive

  • horns,
  • measure,
  • stone,
  • temple,
  • bowl,
  • mountain,
  • fountain,
  • scroll,
  • chariots,
  • spirits,
  • Jerusalem,
  • Holy Mountain, and
  • earthquake, among others.

I’m not sure if this means that we can use one passage to interpret and better understand the other, but the similarities are intriguing and compelling. Perhaps the God who revealed both messages intended for us to connect the dots—or maybe they’re just some really powerful images that are worth repeating.

Either way, there is a sense of awe and wonder contained in the messages in both Zechariah and Revelation.

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