Peter DeHaan: "Whacking at a Spiritual Hornet's Nest"

Every Day I Poke a Stick into a Hornet’s Nest

Not a real one, of course, but something far more dangerous: I confront people’s unexamined assumptions about God, the Bible, and church. I feel called to do this. It’s like whacking at a spiritual hornet’s nest.

I know, I’m playing with fire.Whacking at a spiritual hornet's nest | Author Peter DeHaan

And along the way, I upset a lot of folks. Some call me names and say mean stuff.

But those who don’t hate me for it, love what I have to say.

People willing to listen could get messed up—in a good way—in a life-altering, faith-building transformation that could change everything.

Not convinced? Consider three questions:

  • Does God ever disappoint you?
  • Does the Bible ever confuse you?
  • Does church ever leave you empty?

Your answer is probably “yes.” Yes, to all three. But it isn’t a sin to feel disappointment, express doubt, or wonder what’s missing. These things are a common reality for the serious spiritual seeker. And if this is your reality, you found a friend here.

Like whacking at a spiritual hornet's nest, Peter DeHaan plays with fire--on a spiritual levelYes, I want to be your friend.

Journey with me to embrace the life God planned for us from the beginning.

I won’t give you slick answers. I won’t cram a narrowminded Christian theology down your throat. And I certainly won’t expect you to drink the purple Kool-Aid.

In my blog posts and books, I whack away at status-quo religion to uncover what’s real, what makes a difference, and what really matters for followers of Jesus. I whack at a spiritual hornet’s nest.

I’m playing with fire, so I can skim off the dross to find God’s gold.

Take a spiritual walk with me toward Jesus. Let’s travel together down the narrow path. Kneel with me to take a drink from God’s living water.

Move from a fragile faith to a firm foundation.

Let the adventure begin today. Start with my free e-book, How Big is Your Tent?

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