Pursuing Biblical Christianity

Do You Want More from Life?

Stop carrying an emptiness that you can’t ever fill.

You want more, a spiritual more.

  • This isn’t more money, power, or prestige.
  • It’s not even more love or respect.
  • And it’s certainly not the latest gadgets, a nicer home, tastier food, or better sex.

Seeking a Spiritual More

It’s more from a spiritual standpoint. Do you yearn for a “spiritual more?” I do, and I suspect—deep down—you do too.

Everything else is a hollow substitute for what God wants to offer us. But not just any god will do. Instead we need to pursue a personal relationship with the God revealed in the Bible: biblical God.

But we don’t often find this spiritual more at church—at least not how today’s society practices church. We may not even find biblical God there. Shocking, but sometimes true.

Most churches fall far short of what God intends for us to experience. We’re drinking Kool-Aid, and he’s offering us wine.

Seek a spiritual community of like-minded believers

Spiritual Community

You may go to church. I do. But sometimes I wonder why.

The purpose of church isn’t the music or the message. The ideal function of church is to form community.

True church is connecting with God and connecting with others. It’s an intimate spiritual community with true friends who matter, mean something, and stick around.

Pursue a Biblical Christianity

Biblical Christianity

This is where we can start to find our spiritual more as part of a community of like-minded Jesus followers who diligently pursue the God revealed in the Bible.

It’s biblical Christianity. This is why I write. I’m out to confront status quo religion to live a life that matters.

Warning: I’m not a guru and may not even be a worthy guide. I am a fellow pilgrim. Let’s journey together as we pursue biblical God in community and seek to grasp this spiritual more.

It starts when we follow Jesus—and if you’re not ready for that, come along anyway. It’s sure to be a great ride.

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Peter DeHaan writes about biblical Christianity to confront status quo religion and live a life that matters. He seeks a fresh approach to following Jesus through the lens of Scripture, without the baggage of made-up traditions and meaningless practices.

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