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Pomp and Circumstances


Last Saturday, we motored south to Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana to watch Chris (our daughter, Laura’s, betrothed) graduate. 

The drive there was overcast and dreary, but the sun emerged about when the outdoor festivities began. 

The campus, at least the part we saw, was most impressive.

The ceremony was in two parts. 

The first, for the entire University, complete with a keynote address and a speech by Ball State’s president, included honorary degrees and special recognitions; the Bachelor candidates graduated en masse. 

The second part was just for the College of Architecture and Planning. It was inside and more intimate. There were more speeches and awards, but in the end, we were treated by seeing Chris walk and receive his diploma.

A recurring theme in many of the speeches was the role the graduates’ parents played in making it happen. 

I kept thinking those words applied to me and needed to continually remind myself that Chris’s parents were the rightful recipients of those accolades. 

Nevertheless, Chris is like a son to me—and all the more so in a couple of months.

This fall, Chris returns for grad school, so we will get to do it all again in two years. But next year, it will be Dan and Kelli’s turn. (See “An Engaging Situation” for the skinny on our “four” kids)

By the way, for the graduation processional, they did indeed play “Pomp and Circumstances March #2.”

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